Brain Drain Pains 

     I saw this picture on my Instagram feed and had to share it. Aside from it bringing fond memories of my Uncle Idun who would have us doing quantum physics in the… Continue reading

My Rearview (Apr. 7, 2015)

Here’s a nice segment inspired by Chris Blattmans “Links I Like” to just highlight some fun and interesting links I came across over the course of the week. These links are sometimes bizarre and sometimes… Continue reading

The Lost Files: On Being Considered a White Woman in Africa

These are posts that have been hidden in my drafts for over a year… I just want to set them freeeeeee…!   I can admit I had issues with color growing up. Not… Continue reading

All These Luxury Bedrooms…

… And STILL no rest for the weary. A picture collage of all of the new luxury properties being built… There are goodies from Spintex to Cantonments to Osu. So where is the affordable… Continue reading

The Tragedy Olympics: On Je Suis’ing Nigerian

Sooooo this is happening … On my newsfeeds and timelines… There are a slew of events I can only call “Tragedy Olympics” that have captured the discourse of youth across the world. Who… Continue reading

Just Say No.

There are hard wins. There are easy wins. Saying ‘NO!’ to AfCon 2015, is an easy win. It’s the kind of win you get just by virtue of being present. It’s like an… Continue reading

Red Friday Installments: Suggestion Box Democracy

I was hanging out at Flagstaff today with His Excellency (no biggie 😏) and I came across this suggestion box. I thought it was so deeply symbolic of a number of things… But… Continue reading

Red Friday Installments: Agitate!

So two things happened this week: Sarkodie stole my breath away again on BBC— because he is nothing short of awesomazing!  We released the teaser for Agitate: The Series This installment is largely about… Continue reading

Stop Building Schools Please. Thanks.

This might sound mean… Because almost 70% of SHS aged students do not go to SHS but We don’t need anymore people going to SHS. Nope. You can’t possibly think that increasing the number… Continue reading

When Stars Align

  Look… I am not saying that Sarkodie and I have… like… some metaphysical connection that thrives in spite of our having never met each other… but I feel like… we basically do. Three… Continue reading