When Stars Align

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Look… I am not saying that Sarkodie and I have… like… some metaphysical connection that thrives in spite of our having never met each other… but I feel like… we basically do.

Three weeks ago, on my first Red Friday Installment, I wrote about how all great movements and protests need musicians and artists and creatives to help #occupy civil spaces and get people united behind one move. 

Sarkbae (as I so lovingly refer to him in the deep crevices of the intimate corners of my mind), has written just the kind of track that does this. It is quite unfortunate that it is not in a language that everyone understands, but then I think— the beauty is in his candid, storied use of the local language. 

First off… Sark is my everything. In the song he does a really good job of pointing out how the economic situation makes us second guess what should be simple decisions, and create alternative (read: inconvenient) ways of organizing our lives around the inconsistencies of government. It’s like… wait… we are having to buy buckets and schedule our ironing around the whims and follies of our poor leaders. How… troublesome. 

Secondly… he either reads my blog or reads my soul (I am very certain it is the latter) and I feel like we have aligned. He understand literally everything I have said in the last couple of weeks. We vote and then we toss the fate of the nation to the wind, when there is more that needs to be done. I mean… he didn’t get to that part. But I know he’s working on the second one that will likely address next steps (ahemOCCUPY10,000ahem)

Thirdly, Listen. And judge for yourself. And pass the message… hopefully this inspires the vim that has been M.I.A. since circa 1960 for us to engage our leaders viciously violently by whatever means necessary to ensure our ends are reached. 

If you happen to be friends with Sarkbae… or know his manager… or you are his actual girlfriend relative. Please tell him that I am looking for him… we need to do some rallying before the next #OccupyFlagstaff2  I think he would make a great spokesperson… 

What are your thoughts of the role of musicians in protests and movements? How do you think they could be better engaged to raise the profile of very real civilian concerns?