Red Friday Installments: Agitate!

So two things happened this week:

  1. Sarkodie stole my breath away again on BBC— because he is nothing short of awesomazing! 
  2. We released the teaser for Agitate: The Series

This installment is largely about the latter. Namely… using creative media to a) increase citizen awareness, b) ensure civil society is making informed decisions well ahead of 2016 and c) stir up a little commotion. Because— who doesn’t love a little controversy. 

I am working with Gideon Media to release a set of videos to challenge and inspire. These videos are less than 2 minutes each, brimming over with information and hopefully getting you a little emotional about the state of the nation, and honestly, the state of democracy. One of the foremost pillars of democracy is access to information, so we want to make sure the videos provide the best 12 minute education possible to voters and interested citizens. 

This is is about citizen engagement.

This is about capturing the imagination of a populace and ensuring that messages that matter make it to the forefront.

This is about progress.

I won’t do much talking, I will let the video speak for me, but before I leave you… 

I NEED your help though.

What are your ideas? What kind of information do you think is important for a video under 2 minutes? Sound off!