My Rearview (Apr. 7, 2015)

Here’s a nice segment inspired by Chris Blattmans “Links I Like” to just highlight some fun and interesting links I came across over the course of the week. These links are sometimes bizarre and sometimes informative, but they always resonate with me in different ways. Here’s  look at my rear view…

Fun Sobolo (Sorrel, Hibiscus, etc.) Recipes

1. Sexying West African Cuisine

Of late I have been coming across some great instagram accounts that show Ghanaian food in a new, innovative light. I recently found a website by a Nigerian caterer/ chef who does some fun things with less popular and less globalized foods like yoyi (west african velvet tamarind) and some really cutesy things with the more ubiquitous foods like yam. I shall be attempting some of these delicacies on my own… may the odds be ever in my favor.

2. Nollywood Nails It!

A recent infographic posted on Vice displays interesting tidbits about Hollywood, Nollywood and Bollywood (US, Nigeria, India). My favorite part of the graphic was noticing that for every dollar spent on a film (on average), the industry revenues are $14,750… as opposed to $228 in the USA. I wonder if there is a way to invest in the overall nollywood industry… they need to form some sort of conglomerate that can then register as an IPO because those are some GREAT returns— *looks for seed capital to start production company in Kumawood*

3. Wedding Season is Here

This is a HILARIOUS buzz feed video that makes a parody of how scary wedding season can be.

“How long before it’s YOU!”— bwahahah!

4. Racism Can Kill— and other empirical discoveries on racial bias

Racism is not something that is created socially and only lives as long as it is discussed. Racism is a very real, very tangible affair with excruciating– life altering effects, even fifteen years into the 21st century. This article is an interesting look at recent studies that find that there are a dearth of negative consequences associated with racial bias in everything from hiring practices to medical advice to academic… I don’t want to conclude that by merely being black (or having a black sounding name— poor Daron Acemoglu) you could lose out on jobs, life saving health advice and needed academic guidance but… I mean… *shrugs*

The obvious next step in fashion and tech fusion

5. Selfie Shoes and #firstworldproblems

Hands down the BEST Aprils fools day joke. Ha! You must watch the video… Had me thinking: Innovation on the continent means finding creative, sustainable ways to provide basic needs— elsewhere, it’s about bringing vanity to the next level. I present: The Selfie Shoe. Glad it was all in jest!