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All These Luxury Bedrooms…

… And STILL no rest for the weary. A picture collage of all of the new luxury properties being built… There are goodies from Spintex to Cantonments to Osu. So where is the affordable… Continue reading

Red Friday Installments: Apathy Doesn’t Count

“So are you going to the protest?” “Nah… I have meetings” -_____________-  “But you work for yourself… like, you set your own schedule and it will all be done by like, noon.” “Meeehhhhhh…… Continue reading

A F.E.W. Demands #OccupyGhana #OccupyFlagstaffHouse

So this is story all about how, Our lives got flipturned upside down And I’d like to take a minute, So just sit right there I’ll show how we got ourselves into this… Continue reading

How I Was Robbed of 7.44 million GHC

For me, I have never been a millionaire. I have never known wealth and riches… I have never sat in a private jet or commissioned my own car and driver… I have never known… Continue reading

Schools for Sale…?

I am skeptical of privatization. I think it’s lazy of government to sell off their duties to the highest bidder. History has shown that when we privatize our social services, the poorest and… Continue reading

Absolute Power Corrupts… Absolutely.

I am actually VERY confused by the GoG… The only way I can explain my confusion is through the following two pictures. So first, I thought the government was legitimately run like this:… Continue reading

Religion and Rule of Law: The Failure of Church and State

Did you know, Scandinavians are the happiest people in the world (with free health care, housing subsidies and 2 years maternity leave, I’d be pretty happy too, ha!)? Did you know, Scandinavians are some of… Continue reading

No Struggle, Slow Progress. Know Struggle, Mo’ Progress.

I get perturbed when people say foolish things like: You can never know joy until you know pain. You can never know sunshine, until you’ve known rain…                  … Continue reading

Lazy Ghanaians PLEASE Stand Up!

Let’s say your name is Rajak. You are a member of a small community outside of Atebubu in the Brong Ahafo region. People there are largely herders and small farm workers. You finished… Continue reading

The Value is (basically, sort of) the Same-ish

The following is a conversation I had with a Taxi driver the other day. It is largely translated from Twi but the spirit of the conversation lives on in the hallow curves of… Continue reading