Just Say No.

There are hard wins.

There are easy wins.

Saying ‘NO!’ to AfCon 2015, is an easy win.

It’s the kind of win you get just by virtue of being present. It’s like an A+ for effort.

I have said nothing about Ebola, because I can not figure where to start or end on the matter. I know for a fact that I have become quite the conspiracy theorist. From day one, I just could not understand how a 2 year old baby could be patient zero and lead to the death of over 4,000 people. Not to mention, the fact that the strand is not local to the continent, and that there just happens to be a whole pharmaceutical arsenal hanging around. And then… what do you know, the US military.

Look… I am sure that its very possible that a disease that has been locally remedied for centuries, suddenly becomes a worldwide pandemonium.

I am sure.

But with all the information we know and don’t know and the B13 shenaningans of Scandal, I just can’t trust anything. What I do know for a FACT is that ebola is definitely real. I can question for days the source of the disease, how it spread, why it happened— but I am not going to use this platform to pretend that it does not exist. It is real. black people are dying. That is a fact.

And so… when faced with the question of whether to host a sporting event in which thousands of people from all over the continent come and cheer and sweat and scream and spit on and around each other… the answer, in a time such as this, seems very obvious.. Just. Say. No.

Not because all African have ebola (down with CNN)

Not because all West African have ebola (down with CNN)

Because there are American operatives people in this world spreading the disease and killing off villages left and right.

Why should we bring that to our door step?!

Why should we create the perfect opportunity for more population control deaths?

This is what its really about..


I know what this is about. I said as much in a post I wrote yesterday. Folks sitting at the helm stand to make a lot of endorsement money from being a host. There are a lot of dollars that pass through hands… a lot of, erm, pocket change. School fees… houses… four wheel drives. I mean… so much is on the line. But if its capture you want… please, I beg… for the love of God… don’t let it be a life or death situation. Must we die so you can line your pockets?!

I have asked that the president consider giving those at the helm new posts so they can extort from elsewhere.

I am completely ok if you steal from the youth instead of putting all of our lives at risk.

South Africa is hip. Nigeria recently got cleared, I’m sure they wouldn’t even stand for this nonsense.

So let’s not delay with all the deliberations. This one no be Senchi matta…




Tenk Yew.