Red Friday Installments: Suggestion Box Democracy


I was hanging out at Flagstaff today with His Excellency (no biggie 😏) and I came across this suggestion box. I thought it was so deeply symbolic of a number of things… But mostly it symbolizes the state of our democracy and the relationship between citizens and civil servant. If this was really how the presidency got a pulse of the nation… If this was how you could get suggestions to the president… Then our democracy has a long way to go. In a lot of ways, I think we are still operating this suggestion box kind of democracy. Where people scream all through radio and social media and in conversations with their friends but it sort of just goes into a box that no one hears or responds to. That’s why we #agitate.

Everyone hates that feeling of being ignored. And when people believe that no one is listening, then they stop talking. That’s dangerous, especially for a nation that espouses such strong democratic ideals. We want to be heard and we want to capture the imaginations of our leaders. To haunt them on their sleep and follow them in their dreams.

We want them to pay attention.

And everyone knows, no one pays attention to little papers stuffed in small boxes tucked away behind gates.

We don’t want a “suggestion box democracy”.

How do we ensure that our concerns become the main concern of the government? What are the best ways to engage civil service so that our needs are not ignored?