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Stop Building Schools Please. Thanks.

This might sound mean… Because almost 70% of SHS aged students do not go to SHS but We don’t need anymore people going to SHS. Nope. You can’t possibly think that increasing the number… Continue reading

Red Friday Installments: Apathy Doesn’t Count

“So are you going to the protest?” “Nah… I have meetings” -_____________-  “But you work for yourself… like, you set your own schedule and it will all be done by like, noon.” “Meeehhhhhh…… Continue reading

A F.E.W. Demands #OccupyGhana #OccupyFlagstaffHouse

So this is story all about how, Our lives got flipturned upside down And I’d like to take a minute, So just sit right there I’ll show how we got ourselves into this… Continue reading

Issue Based Voting, Chokor Trotro style

On Wednesday, November 20th we saw the final Ghanaian presidential debate. In the opening address from an esteemed member of the IEA we learned that this represented Ghana’s move toward an issue based… Continue reading