Love on Top!

In 2008, I went to a polling station for the first time ever. I was excited to be voting for my black first family. That year, I voted Michelle Obama for First Lady…… Continue reading


Originally posted on Mind of Malaka:
I have a problem with the way some of our municipalities are named in Ghana. They are a constant reminder of the oppressive colonial regime that Ghana…

Black Beauty: The Revolution

The following is a WhatsApp conversation I had with a friend after acknowledging how good her mom looked at 60 years of age (ignore spelling and grammatical errors… its whatsapp people! ha!): 12/30/2012… Continue reading

Yesssssssssss Pure!

I think my latest academic/ social obsession is the traffic economy. Do you ever just wonder how certain people choose the merchandise they will sell on the streets? I mean seriously, you can… Continue reading

Young, Fabulous, & Savvy – The Official Savvy Madam Launch

Originally posted on The Savvy Madam:
Last Thursday night, young professionals from various industries and professions gathered at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra for our exclusive launch and first ever panel discussion.…

The Trouble with the Talented Tenth: Incest

“The Negro race, like all races, is going to be saved by its exceptional men….These figures illustrate vividly the function of the college-bred Negro. He is, as he ought to be, the group… Continue reading

I Have a Dream-ocracy

December Seventh was an interesting day. People woke up MAD early. People stood in long lines for MAD long. People went MAD when there was a breech of ANY kind at the stations.… Continue reading

The Morning After…

VERSUS This whole election weekend for me was exciting. I went to polling stations, got kicked out of one  engaged with the voters, saw an MP get virtually thrown out of another and… Continue reading

One Tooooouch!

In less than 24 hours Ghanaians across the nation will line up at local polling stations in this Egyptian slave heat in order to vote for leadership. In my conversation and even in my… Continue reading

Issue Based Voting, Chokor Trotro style

On Wednesday, November 20th we saw the final Ghanaian presidential debate. In the opening address from an esteemed member of the IEA we learned that this represented Ghana’s move toward an issue based… Continue reading