How I Was Robbed of 7.44 million GHC

*cue Bruno Mars* I wanna be a millionaire SOOOOO... baaaaad!

*cue Bruno Mars* I wanna be a millionaire SOOOOO… baaaaad!

For me, I have never been a millionaire.

I have never known wealth and riches…

I have never sat in a private jet or commissioned my own car and driver…

I have never known fancy island hopping and caviar.

I have never been a millionaire.

But I was robbed of 7.4 million GHC in the short time since I have been in Ghana.






Alphabet soup it seems, but these are the kind of letters that have literally stolen the closest opportunity I have ever had to becoming a millionaire. These are the public- private partnerships that were supposed to increase efficiency an decrease waste in government but alas, I stand before you in debt.



Let’s do some math:

950 million… commissioned for GYEEDA to be used for the development of youth entrepreneurship and skills development

144 million… deposited in a bank account for SADA to help revive agricultural activity and manufacturing.

74 million… meant to be used by Subah for the monitoring of telecos but supposed activities have not been carried out.

That is 1.868 billion Ghana Cedis… or… ONE BILLION EIGHT HUNDRED SIXTY EIGHT MILLION GHANA CEDIS… I would tell you the worth in dollars, but each passing second would make that amount more obsolete.

Do you know what you could do with that kind of money. I have loads of ideas, but really… for all the waste, they could have divided that by the number of citizens in this country, and I would have gotten my 7.4 million. And that, my dear friends, is how I was robbed. You see, if they have just given me my 7.4 million, I can guarantee you I would have done WAAAAAY better than my uncles and fathers and grandpas in government. (yes… all men… all the time, but I will write about that in another post which I shall call “Gender Cleansing”— it’s time for that. #idigress)

I could give you a list of things that 1.8 billion could have been used for. Some of them include:

so we can do it and it can be done!

so we can do it and it can be done!

  1. Building 200 SHS
  2. Building accommodations in rural areas for teachers to decrease absenteeism
  3. Upskilling small businesses by providing necessary skills and seed capital to help build the economy
  4. Given ECG the money this government owes them so they can stop turning off the light
  5. Built one railway from Adenta to Accra (or maybe half of one… say, Adenta to 37, lol!)
  6. Built the necessary high level intelligence systems to find out who said tweaa

And I am sure you could add some of your own.

I have written before about one professor who wrote about the value of unconditional cash transfers. It turns out when people are given an opportunity, many of them know exactly how to use money given to better themselves and their circumstances. I wonder if the government, instead of pouring endless amounts of money into these big wig know it alls, just gave the money to everyone to fend for themselves, how Ghana would look in the future.

Many would say folks would become lazy… and well, if that is your worry, it seems the laziest people were the ones at the helm of these projects in the first place. So I could see how big contracts… large sums of money.. could be equated with laziness. On the other hand, maybe folks would form coalitions, invest in themselves and their children, buy land, build houses, expand their businesses and create the haven in Ghana that they many are looking to run to by moving abroad…

or maybe everyone would just move abroad…

Who could know?

All I know is… I am 4.7 million GHC short, and I would greatly appreciate if these monies were swiftly placed in my bank account.


Tenk yew.



EDIT: You have been hoodwinked and bamboozled by yours truly. If you did the math, you would know the government actually only owes me a measly 74 GHC and 40 pesewa. But that was really underwhelming… so I inflated the numbers small. Think of it as Terkper Macroeconomics. 😛

At any rate… 1.8 Billion is a lot, they could have given it to the bulk oil distribution companies and we wouldn’t be facing a fuel shortage. #jussayin’