Absolute Power Corrupts… Absolutely.

I am actually VERY confused by the GoG…

The only way I can explain my confusion is through the following two pictures.

So first, I thought the government was legitimately run like this:


Which totally looks checks and balance-y… until you look a little bit more closely and realize it actually looks like this:


So no… the DCE is NOT a branch of government but it seems like they are essentially the only ones with legs to do anything useful. MP’s sit around squabbling about verbage and budgets that trickle down from the president… and I have NO idea what the judiciary does since they can’t retrieve stolen money or cancel contracts on behalf of the government. So literally the government seems to hang in the balance between the president and his appointees.

NOTE: I should include some clouds hovering around that represent chiefs and political party officials. These are two parties that also seem to have more say and power than the actual elected officials. 

If I had to oversimplify… I would say that the ONLY elected official that actually matters is the president, and here is why I say this.

Let’s say your name is Ewuraba Mercy Akyeampong Dzifa Ayariga.

Let’s say you have won an election and are now the MP of the Agona East district.

Let’s say you are really passionate about primary education and you would like to champion the following three causes:

  1. sanctioning teachers with poor attendance and low time on task
  2. getting school feeding in all of your schools
  3. implementing a mobile library

Let’s say you are in a minority party… CPP.

Ok… now… go!

Firstly, you are not the DCE, so you can’t do any of these things.

But let’s say you won’t let that get you down, so you are going to lobby… lobby who? And for how long? And will your constituents even appreciate this your so called ‘lobbying’? And for how long? How long do you think it would take to even get a school feeding program for all of your schools… as an MP?

Essentially you would have to lobby presidential appointees.. DCE… members of cabinet… etc. and you would only be successful if you were in the majority party. Unfortunately, for Hon. Ewuraba (aside from being a woman and likely disregarded as ‘too known’), the only way you can make power happen is by appealing to a majority— or really just the president.

An article came out recently that highlight that America is in actuality not a real democracy (shocker!?— why are elites always the last to know the most basic of things… and then they spend billions on research to reach conclusions that my students in Baton Rouge could have told them?!… but I digress). At any rate, they found that America is actually increasingly becoming an oligarchy and while “the top 1% of earners had captured 95% of all income gains since the Great Recession ended. The other 99% saw a net 12% drop to their income.” CRAY!

But that’s probably the truest truth here in Ghana too. We elect TWO officials but only ONE has power to actually do anything meaningful. And when that one person lacks political testicular fortitude balls will, then well… all is just lost. And so the president and his fan club twiddle their thumbs in small rooms and at fancy galas concocting interventions that are completely misaligned (ahemBUILDING200SHSahem) with the actual needs of the small people who took time one December morning to elect them. Once the thumb twiddling has ended, they then send their DCE’s to get it done. Pity.

So why even run? Why are MP’s elected? It actually seems like DCE’s should be elected and MP’s should just… I don’t even know…

All I am saying is…

This our version of democracy, is actually autocratic rule in sheeps wolfves shark clothing…


My question then is… since the president is literally the MOST powerful person elected official in the nation, and therefore similar to an autocratic ruler… how come we aren’t like China?! #soundoff