Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself…

It’s been about 5 months since my last post.

A travesty… I am aware.

Shiver not!

I have been hoarding topics for writing and I am ready to free my mind.

ImageFirst off, if you are not following me on twitter, you should. This is because I have 140 character rants all the time about everything from NGO’s to the economy to my reactions on the latest Game of Thrones topic (have you seen episode 2 of this season… one word: YAS!) I think it will definitely give you that ‘my nostalgia pulse’ on development issues intertwined with some anthropology and culture study… All of my fave things to do but in way less words ( I do cheat sometimes with more than 140 characters… shout outs to hootesuite… but I’m getting better… see my next point).


Secondly, I am challenging myself to make my points in half the number of words I was using in previous posts. Why? Well because who reads 1500 word posts? And also… its easier to put thoughts into nuggets and then flesh over time, than to just throw them all in one go. I recognize I can be a bit long winded. So I am practicing discipline. Hopefully you can keep me accountable. I am shooting for 500- 800 word posts (800 being reserved for those super important, writings).


Thirdly, (and closely linked to my second point), I am trying to post more often than my once a month resolve last year,.In order to do this, and do so consistently, I will need to switch up my mode of delivery. This means that some of my posts will be pictures. I have found in my time here in Ghana, that some of the most powerful points are made through things I see on my rides to and from work. Nothing like seeing water spilling from a water tank carrier to highlight our water scarcity issue or seeing all the Asian men on the side of the road barking at the Ghanaians in the latest infrastructural projects. I mean, if a picture paints a thousand words— I should probably take half a picture to ensure that I stick to my 500- 800 word quota… ha! But no really… I’m excited to shake things up!

At any rate… I am coming back with more to discuss, and I would love for the blog to be a pit more participatory. That’s why they will all be ending with a question or a forward looking statement for commentary. I have such great side conversations with friends, family and total strangers… I hope to capture it all on this platform. If you need to be reminded what it is I talk about, check out the MNFTF: Explained post I did.


Tell Me…

What are you hoping to see in coming blog posts?