Meet the Man Who Is Ruining Ghana: Rashid Pelpuo

I love ‘Naming and Shaming’— I think it’s one of the best methods of Accountability when that shame is followed with real consequences. I am also a fan of Naming and Faming, for those who deserve that honor. Of late… I have had few reasons for the latter. This post by Mz.Malaka does well in Naming and Shaming… any chance of a consequence? Hahah! Great read!

Mind of Malaka

pimpleConsider a pimple – a whitehead to be exact. Over the course of time – a week perhaps – you see and feel it erupting slowly, breaking through the surface of the skin with powerful stealth until it blooms and settles on your face with opaque grotesqueness.

Frantically, you begin to stab at it, vehemently cursing the offensive acne with all your might.

How dare you show up on prom night/ my wedding day / during my job interview! This is most inconvenient and inconsiderable indeed!

So it is with Presidents and politicians.

Take John D. Mahama for instance. Like all presidents before him, and certainly all that will follow after him, the failures and/or successes of his beloved Ghana will be thrust at his feet in contempt or upon his shoulders in celebration. They will say “Mahama built us roads and bridges!” or they will say “Mahama

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